In 2012, we have decided to fold the Pre-Fiddle-Hell Workshops into Fiddle Hell itself.

This will allow Fiddle Hell to start earlier, at noon on Friday, Nov. 2, 2012.

It will also simplify the Fiddle Hell fee structures for those attending for the full weekend.

2011 PFH instructors were: Dave Reiner, Becky Tracy, Kimberley FraserDavid Kaynor, Andy Reiner, Julie Metcalf, and Clayton March.



Pre-Fiddle Hell Workshop 1891
Rare photo from first Pre-Fiddle-Hell Workshop, 1891

By the way, the music you're hearing is a live recording of Dave Reiner (fiddle), Eric Eid-Reiner (piano), and Paul Harty (guitar, harmonica). The tunes are Soldier's Joy, Liberty Two-Step, and Slider's Reel (written by Dave)

How about a CD or fiddle book?

Here are the latest CDs from the Reiner Family Band and from Eric and Andy, and classic and new fiddle books from Dave and Andy.

Want a Fiddle Lesson?

Dave's been teaching fiddle lessons in the Boston area for years, and knows a lot of excellent tunes in bluegrass, oldtime, Irish, swing, and other styles. He can show you the best bowing patterns, demystify chords and theory, and help with variations, backup, and contests. Click here for lesson details.

Where Can You Hear Us Play?

There’s nothing like listening and dancing to a live band! While we can’t quite invite you to the weddings and private celebrations where we play, the good news is that the Reiner Family Band and its members play at various public festivals, concerts, dances, and events.  Click here for upcoming events, and click here to see past events where we have played.

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